Wednesday, September 8, 2010

European Approach

The common rationale of the project is increasing the feeling of European togetherness by offering adult learners opportunities to study facts about EU and explore European countries and get experiences of international living. Increased mobility, studies of English and IT skills and new networks with the project partners help to achieve these goals. The concrete objective of the project is to give adult learners, especially elderly people and people with special needs, positive learning experiences and to motivate them to LLL and to promote their mobility.

Tutors can develop their methods to activate and motivate adult learners to study in groups and the organizations can find new learners and aims for their learners and establish continuing cooperation with other partners.

Common study program will be planned together with the partner organizations. The program will consist of facts about the European Union and facts (e.g. history, geography, climate, nature, population, culture and economy) about partnership countries.

Each partner will organize study groups (study circles) of adult learners and each partner will organize a partnership meeting in their own country. During the partnership meetings European fair or other performances for the local public will be arranged.

The project has a good combination of seven partners. Participants will get a lot of new transnational learning experiences during the project. European cooperation will help them to share knowledge and understand other cultures better and learners can feel that they are members of the European community. The project is also a way to combat prejudice, racism and xenophobia.

Partners: Kuusankosken Retkeilijat from Finland, Palamuse Rahvamaja from Estonia, Meram Halki Egitim Merkezi Ve Aso Müdürlügu from Turkey, Bem Me Quero from Portugal, Stowarzyszenie Wolontariatu Miedzypokoleniowego from Poland, Luetec; Libera Universita Europea della Terza Eta Campania from Italy and Kinisi Ethelonton Service Civil International Hellas from Greece.

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